LETTER: Let’s try to ‘unfreeze’ democracy

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Although I am a regular reader of your letters page, particularly the correspondence on the ‘never-ending’ nightmare subject of Brexit, I have not contributed, until now!

What has ‘fired me up’ is what I consider the unfair amount of space that you give to those ‘gung ho’ Brexiteers who say that we should crash out of the EU without a deal and who appear to believe that democracy had been ‘frozen in time’ the moment in 2016 that the UK voted narrowly to leave the EU. Maybe this is because your newspaper and most of your columnists supported and campaigned for Brexit?

The fact that the referendum was only called by David Cameron to enable him to keep his own party together and to fend off the threat of UKIP is often overlooked, not to mention that it was mainly won by Messrs Johnson, Gove and Farage peddling fantasies that were turbocharged by illegal spending and illegal use of personal data on social media.

The extra £350m per week for the NHS is now totally discredited.

Now after nearly three years of failed negotiations by Mrs May it appears that the country faces a situation where Parliament has reached an impasse.

And where we could still ‘sleepwalk’ into a no-deal Brexit despite the CBI (representing thousands of businesses) and the TUC (representing millions of workers) having sent a joint letter to Mrs May warning of the catastrophic consequences. The Guardian newspaper has also published secret ‘official’ documents outlining what the government’s response will be to no-deal.

If this letter is published I expect plenty of criticism, especially as this area voted for Brexit in the 2016 referendum and from those who think that Jeremy Corbyn wearing the ‘wrong hat’ to a funeral is more cause for concern I would respectfully suggest that democracy be ‘unfrozen’ and Brexit is delayed so that a general election or another referendum be called.

Keith Archer, Kingswinford


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