LETTER: Theresa May running down police service

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If it weren’t so serious, it would be hilarious. We are in the grip of a rise in crime we have never seen before, we have police numbers at their lowest.

Some years ago, the then home secretary, now our illustrious prime minister, told officers at the police conference “to stop crying wolf”. Today, we have children going around and putting the fear of God into law-abiding citizens who do not feel safe walking the streets of this nation.

People do not want to get involved when they witness police-related matters and when they do the police do not have the resources to investigate or attend. They just record the matter, which will be filed and then placed into the depths of darkness in a filing room.

Police stations have been closed – some towns do not have one – response times for emergencies have gone to 16 minutes, so the callers must have to tell offenders who are breaking into their home to wait a few minutes to give the police a chance and enough time to try and catch them! Not to worry though, Mrs May.

When you come out your front door there will always be a police officer on your street and, just to make sure, a convoy of escorting vehicles driven by police officers. Perhaps you seeing all these officers around you makes you believe there is no shortage of officers. It’s looking like for one reason or another this Prime Minister appears to have a negative attitude to the police because all requests regarding law and order are immediately scuppered by her. It’s as though she deliberately wants to have a poor police service.

Even with all the publicity with the murders with knives, and requests by high-ranking officers, she maintains there is no correlation with reduction in officers and knife crime.

Pete Lowe

Brierley Hill


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