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Why is it that when people make unsolicited phone calls to me claiming that they’re ‘just doing a survey’ they then attempt to sell me something?

Anger - unsolicited phone calls

Even worse they have difficulty pronouncing my name correctly.

My surname isn’t pronounced like the thing on a tree, or like something you do to a monarch.

Then they try to address me by my Christian name as if we’re friends.

They seem quite upset when I ask if we’ve been formally introduced.

Or am I going off their script?

I’ve even thought of a new way to deal with them.

I ask them to wait, go and make a cuppa and then return to my phone.

My record is getting one of them to hang on for five minutes.


I appreciate that these people are trying to do a job, but I believed that unsolicited phone calls were now barred on legal grounds?

Today, among the calls I’ve had is one ‘enquiring’ would I be interested in earning 20 per cent interest, tax-free, on my capital, and another assuring me that I had asked for a call regarding paying, in advance, for my funeral.

I’ve blocked all calls from such numbers as they appear on my phone, I’m up to about 50 now, but still these people try.

Has anyone out there got any other ideas how I can stop these unwanted calls?


I’ve been polite, I’ve even been pretty rude but still they come.

Suggestions please.

Mr M Gough



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