LETTER: No deal will hurt the EU

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For a long time I have been hearing how leaving the EU will cost us massive amounts of money, the economy will suffer and everything will be in a huge mess.

What does the future hold after Brexit?

Well no one talks about how it will affect the EU and what it will cost them so let us have a look.

1 – They will lose a huge amount of money that they have relied on for years.

2 – If they put a huge tariff on our goods then the same tariff will apply to goods coming from Europe so all goods will cost more to buy and all the car manufactures will see the price of their car rise and could lose sales same as with all the food and other goods that we buy.

But this is where we win, we will be able to trade with the rest of the world and negotiate good deals so there is nothing that we buy from Europe that we cannot buy from the rest of the world or grow it ourselves and manufacture it would solve the unemployment problem.

3 – If the EU gives us problems when we travel on holiday, then it is possible we could for one season either holiday in England or a non EEC country then we would see what effect that would have on that country’s economy, they would soon change the rules because all the European countries depend on our holiday trade.

So what is wrong with a no deal, the so-called experts try to scare us because if they were that good how come they did not see the crash in 2008.

Pravin Patel



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