LETTER: MPs should be doing their best for our country

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Politicians wonder why the general public are shying away from voting, even the ones who do vote, tend to cross their fingers, hoping that whoever gets in will govern in a fair and honest manner.

Call to fight for the country amid Brexit negotiations

The problems we are experiencing with leaving the EU are all being created by our politicians, they sit in judgment in their ivory towers, ignoring the will of the people, they bicker amongst themselves, make stupid childlike noises, sleep on their plush seating, whilst enjoying their £350 per day attendance money.

We the people voted to leave the European Union, whether we were right or wrong, we have to live with that decision.

We the people elected in a democratic vote to elect our MPs, these people are supposed to abide by the wishes of the majority, some MPs however are trying to impose their ideas, and overthrow a democratic vote, because it doesn’t suit them.

Democracy only works when all sides agree to abide by the rules, but at the present time it appears that democracy only works if you win.

I voted to leave the union, not just because of our inability to control immigration, but because European politicians are dictating what we as a nation are allowed to do and say.

European laws are restricting our ability to prosecute and deport known criminals and illegal immigrants.

They have restricted our fishing quotas, devastating our fishing fleets, particularly in Scotland, this along with restricting what crops our farmers are allowed to grow, this is why we now have fields full of solar panels.

I myself as a fisherman have seen good farming land cleared to make way for fishing lakes, solely because the farmers given a supplement to diversify, in other words stop growing crops, so that the French could grow more on their farms, ultimately making us more dependent on imports from the European Union.


Politicians and business leaders who continue to support a system were the accountants have refused to ratify the validity of the said accounts are either very naive, have ulterior motives, or just frightened of losing their unrestricted perks.

To finish I would like to appeal to all parties, to fight for this country and its people.

Keith V Joyce



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