LETTER: Second EU vote now needed

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I have numerous friends and relations who voted leave.

Is a second EU vote now needed?

They are definitely intelligent, some having university degrees and others holding positions of authority.

I do believe, however that they were let down by government and were deceived by factions within society, driven by a single agenda.

The public were led to believe misconceptions that the UK is powerless against the huge EU bloc.

This is completely false! As the second largest economy, we have massive influence, in addition to which we can veto any measures that we believe to be against our principles or damaging to our economy.

If our representatives have failed to use the veto, then we should blame them. Knowing that some of our delegates were members of UKIP, it is entirely possible that they might not use all of our powers in order to paint the EU in a bad light.

Sure, we pay a lot of money for membership, but so do the other 27 members.

It all goes into a huge fund from which any EU nation can draw to fund improvements to infrastructure and community projects. Outside the EU, such projects will have to come from our income tax. None of these things were made clear during the referendum. Taking all this into account, in addition to other disadvantages we might face, I believe there should be a second referendum.

We pay our government to do what is best for our country, not to concentrate on quelling dissent within the political party.


Knowing the upheaval in every sector of the economy, with unknown long term consequences, the government could simply withdraw from the process and stay in the EU. The only good thing might be is that if this turns into a disaster, the Tories might never get into government again.

Michael Cliff

Wall Heath


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