LETTER: Keep calm, things will get worse!

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The comments of the Chief Constable saying certain crimes will not be investigated will now give the offenders of these crimes the green light to carry out these offences, with no fear of being caught or looked for.

West Midlands Police chief constable Dave Thompson, left, says ‘challenging discussions’ were taking place over which investigations are pursued by officers

Now like the war posters ‘Keep Calm You Won’t Be Caught’ should be the police motto.

But even more astounding is now even more people will not report these crimes knowing their crime will not be investigated.

But even more frightening is once the crime figures are shown to have come down because of lack of reporting and not because of presence of officers, the Government will see this false impression as good news for saving more money and then they will reduce even more the allocated funding for our police service.

What we should be doing is to report all crime to the police.

Our police should investigate all crime, only then will we get a true and accurate account of crimes and show how over-worked and under-resourced our very thin blue line really is.

This will then show this Government that there is a very real problem with our police forces and put the pressure back onto the Government to realise our officers up and down this country need the resources and funding instead of cutting down investigations.

If our chief constables keep caving in to Government pressure, all the Government will do is keep piling that pressure on and the list of crimes not investigated will only grow.

The only persons suffering from all this, are the victims of crime who are not getting the service they deserve.


Are we really heading for a police service that will only deal with selective crime matters and who decides what will be investigated?

And who, one day if this carries on, will have the nerve to stand up and say to the Government ‘we cannot cope’?

My guess is no one because chief constables are puppets to politicians.

Part of the oath of office of Constables is ‘To protect life and property’.


Strange how property is now removed from that oath!

Keep calm, things will get worse.

Mr Pete Lowe

Brierley Hill


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