LETTER: We are ignored by London elite

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I wrote a letter last year stating that this country would not leave the EU.

The city of London

Why? Well London voted to stay in the EU, London has all the money.

The stock market, banks, services, the people in the rest of the country do not enter into their thinking, to those in London we are in the ‘sticks’ and don’t count.

We cannot keep on going the way we are, being treated like peasants.

Who according to those who want to stay in the EU think we are thick and do not know what we voted for.

This was proved on July 16, when an MP spoke about a second referendum.

What sticks in my throat is the way we the people are ignored in parliament as though we do not exist.

This country is a democracy; pull the other leg it’s got bells on.

The only time the people of this country are thought of is election time, after that we are put back in the cupboard till next time.

Mr B Lawley



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