LETTER: Wolverhampton is a logical choice for Channel 4

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Not so long ago, the very mention of Wolverhampton on TV panel shows and quiz programmes, would solicit roars of laughter, it was synonymous with failure and the village idiot.

Could Channel Four be heading to Wolverhampton?

Now today it has the fastest growth in the manufacturing industry, houses the biggest and most profitable car engine plant in Britain, a thriving and vibrant university, accommodating some of the brightest minds and innovative thinkers in the land, and a updated modern transport system, which will be enhanced by the extension of the metro tramway system, and the building of a  new multi-million pound mainline railway interchange hub.

The city centre boasts one of the most modern shopping malls, housing Debenhams, and a plethora of shops, restaurants and specialist shops.

The central England motorway system is but minutes away.

It will create jobs, and establish the city’s standing on the world’s stage.

A television studio with local employees partly sourced from the university, with much lower running costs, and only yards from the home of the paper with the biggest circulation in England of any regional newspaper, and within easy reach of all that the Black Country, Staffordshire, and Shropshire has to offer, what’s not to like.

Wolverhampton will be able to proclaim: “We are here, we house a world class television station, sit back and enjoy, you aint seen nothing Yet.....”

Tony Levy



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