'The US has its gun crime, we have our knife crime'

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I read with grave concern your headline about knife crime (Tuesday 20th February) in Wolverhampton and in fact all over our wrecked country.

The US has its problems with gun crime, the UK has its problems knife crime, says this reader

I wrote to the E&S last year about the growing concern of feral youths carrying knives, even young children 8-10 years old stabbing people.

So now I try to get my point across, youths carrying knives – their excuse – for protection, a ten inch kitchen knife, a Rambo blade.

So here is my take on this latest fad craze whatever you want to call it.

If you are caught carrying one of these filthy weapons, three to five years in prison. If you have used one of them to maim someone; ten years in her magistrates prison.

But hey no you can’t incarcerate some poor unfortunate youth who’s in court, his council will state ‘he comes from a broken home’ (he probably broke it).

I grew up in the 50s, yes I know I am an old ‘fart’ but the only thing we carried was a conker on a string and a penknife never used.

So through the E&S we have a petition up to present to Theresa May and her cronies who live in a crystal palace.

But sadly I fear nothing will change.


The USA has its gun crime, we have knife crime – God help us all.

Keith Parton



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