Why protect criminals? They didn't care about their victim's privacy

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I find it disgusting the wanted criminals are being protected by the justice system, 258 criminals on the run and cannot be named and shamed.

The police say if they named the wanted criminals it would breach their privacy

Criminals should not have the right for protection under the Freedom of Information Act. What message does this give out to their victims? Yet again and again the victim is not thought of.

The police say if they are named it would breach their privacy. Well so it should. Did any of these criminal scumbags think about their victim’s privacy? No.

The police also state many of these wanted people are rapists, thieves and wanted for assault. Also many are foreign nationals and have returned home…so what! We have legal agreements with European and international police forces to arrest and return criminals back to Britain and vice versa.

But the big question should be how these criminals ever get away for so long, some in 2011. Naming these people surely should give people the chance to spot them and turn them into the police.

And why are our MPs not pursuing the justice minister to override police policy and put the public at ease (in the public interest) is used so often by the police and public prosecutor’s office? Let’s see it work for the victims and the public tax payers and voters.

Derek Griffiths



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