FA's retrospective punishment system is unfair and illogical

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West Ham have a player retrospectively punished for 'simulation' in winning a penalty when they played Stoke City.

The FA

So far so good (?). But West Ham still kept the three points that they gained in the match.

But what's the point in punishing the player but still reward the team that he plays for? Another absolutely brilliant idea from the FA, NOT! The player cheated but the club still benefitted. Completely unfair and illogical, Stoke City still have no points from the match, come May 2018 where they are to be relegated by a couple of points or 'goal difference' what is right about that?

Look at this retrospective punishment system FA, presently it is not fair or much of a punishment to clubs that employ people who have cheated to gain advantage for their club.

Mr M Gough



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