Try explaining Brexit to your bank manager

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For all intents and purposes the UK is a giant company. We buy things, make and sell things and employ a lot of people. In a nightmare I am given the job of explaining Brexit to our bank manager.

The nightmare scenario of having to explain Brexit to your bank manager

ME is me and BM is bank manager.

BM: “I’ve just been looking at your figures ME, very impressive, and I see you are selling more and more to a big group on the continent.”

ME: “Well I want to speak to you about that. Some of our directors think we are too dependent on that customer and we need to sell more elsewhere.”

BM: “That does surprise me; they are very stable, close to you and a less competitive market than elsewhere. Exactly who are these new customers and what do they want to buy from you?”

ME: “I don’t know exactly but we want to sell more to China, India, Australia and so on and we feel our continental customer is restricting our ability to do this.”

BM: “You do know that Germany sells a great deal to China and the markets you mention will demand cheaper prices than you get from Europe. Can you let me see some figures detailing what amounts you can sell elsewhere and what the financial impact would be on selling less to your existing customer?”

ME: “I don’t have any figures.”

BM: “Well, nice to meet you, you know where the door is and do let me know if you go ahead with your plan so that I can withdraw your overdraft facilities.”

Roger Watts



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