Challenging Brexit is not treacherous, Jeremy Lefroy represents all of Stafford not just the Brexiteers

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I am writing in response to the letter from Ivan Jennings published in The Stafford and Stone Express and Star on the 14th December.

Jeremy LeFroy

Ivan Jennings appears to think that Jeremy Lefroy is a delegate who has been instructed by his constituents to support Brexit. This is simply not the case. Jeremy Lefroy has been elected to represent all his constituents as he sees fit.

In my view, Jeremy Lefroy is a man of principle who takes all his duties seriously. I don't like some of his decisions at all, but I feel sure that none have been taken lightly.

The referendum was a single vote on a single issue on a single day. Yet it seems that anyone who has continued to reflect on the issue, to follow developments, to take note of what people say and do, and even, dare I say it, to change their mind, either way, is regarded as a traitor and almost a public enemy.

This week, Dominic Grieve dared to lead a Tory rebellion, because he felt that our country's interests were being short-changed by hasty and ill-considered decisions. For this, he received death threats. I find this sad and frightening. Is this the kind of Britain we want, where all must declare unthinking loyalty, and then close their minds to debate? And where those whose loyalty is not the same as that of those with the loudest voices must go in fear of their lives?

Of course I am not suggesting that Ivan Jennings has issued death threats! I am sure he wouldn't do any such thing. He has chosen the civilised option of writing to the paper, and I applaud that. But he is insisting that his representative should unthinkingly vote as he, Ivan, wishes. Maybe he should reflect where this can lead.

Sarah Matthews



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