Tributes as Keelan Wilson's grandfather dies aged 75

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The grandfather of Keelan Wilson has passed away at the age of 75 – less than a year after the teenager was stabbed near to their home.

George Ellitts, from Wolverhampton, died on Friday, April 12, just months ahead of his 76th birthday.

Mr Ellitts, who used to work at Goodyear, had been left devastated after his 15-year-old grandson Keelan was stabbed to death yards from their home in the Merry Hill area of Wolverhampton in May last year.

His daughter and Keelan's mother, Kelly Ellitts, said her dad was an "amazing person" and the whole family had been left devastated by his death. She added that she takes comfort in knowing that her dad is with Keelan now and her son is no longer alone.

'He wanted to be with Keelan'

Paying tribute to her dad, Ms Ellitts said: "My dad was very sociable. He used to do everything with me and my brothers as children. We had a very good life growing up and my dad worked really hard to provide for us all.

"He was like a dad to Keelan. He was amazing with him – he taught him to ride a bike, took him fishing and they'd go out and walk the dog together. I'll be forever thankful to my dad for his help raising Keelan with me.

"The day Keelan got cruelly snatched from our lives was the day a part in all of us passed away with him.

"Keelan's death hit us all and had major effects on us all – but my dad could not talk to anyone about it, as he did not want to talk to me about it as I was in such a bad way. Then me having to move from the house meant he was on his own even more – that had a massive effect on him.


"My dad dramatically lost weight, through a loss of appetite, which in turn caused his major organs to have problems. Towards the end he had given up and I could see this. He told me he wanted to be with Keelan – we both did.

"Everyone is devastated. He's got two great-grandchildren on the way too, and sadly he's not going to get the chance to meet them.

"It is not just us as a family, it was neighbours, shops, doctors – everywhere my dad went, he made an impression. He would just help anyone, he was that kind of person.


"Nothing used to be too much for my dad. My friend once said she liked a plant in his garden and he went and dug it up to give to her. He was amazing."

'An incredible father'

She added: "My dad was an incredible father and grandfather.

"I had the pleasure of my dad living with me for a long time, therefore we had endless fabulous memories.

"He had Keelan around him from birth to his teenage years – he was like another dad to Keelan. He was just amazing, he really was.

"Keelan could do no wrong in my dad's eyes. My dad had another chance to take on the parent role and it was beautiful watching him and Keelan together.

"I know if Keelan was here now he would be devastated and heartbroken.

"I am trying to tell myself that they are together now. It makes me a bit jealous, I wish it was me that had gone to Keelan. But Keelan is not on his own anymore.

"I took for granted I would have both theses loved ones around forever. How much can change in just one year – I have lost my son and my dad, and I feel like I am lost without them."

Mr Ellitts had three children – Kelly, Colin and David – seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren on the way.

His funeral will take place at Bushbury Crematorium on May 17, at 12.30pm.

Dayna Farrington

By Dayna Farrington
Senior reporter based at Wolverhampton

Reporter for the Express & Star based at Wolverhampton.

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