Uniform-row Walsall school tells parents not to bring children in

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Parents have hit out at a school's 'outrageous' treatment of pupils who were told not to come in without school-branded coats and bags.

Ryders Hayes Community School

A letter was sent from the head of Ryders Hayes Community School in Walsall telling a parent not to bring their child into school without the appropriate uniform.

The parent was even warned the absence could then be counted as 'unauthorised' and go on the pupil's record.

The primary school has faced a fierce backlash from parents over its uniform policy and the letter has now stoked the flames further.

Children at the Pelsall school have been told they must have coats, bags and PE kits with school logos on.

School leaders say they made the decision to change the uniform in July 2017 and implemented the changes this week.

However, according to the letter, some parents unhappy at the change have chosen to ignore the ruling.

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But the headteacher made it clear the school intends to enforce the rules for all pupils.


The letter said: "Unless we receive confirmation from you in writing to the contrary today by 3:30pm, then we have no alternative but to ask you not to bring your child to school on Friday morning, but instead take them to purchase a coat.

"Please bring your child back with the coat by lunchtime tomorrow, and no later than 1pm for afternoon session, reporting to the school office.

"This is not an exclusion but an authorised absence and should take no longer than is strictly necessary.

"If you continue to breach the uniform rules, or it takes longer than stipulated, to effect the change, the pupil's absence may be counted as unauthorised absence."


The mother, who has not been named, reportedly said: "I have three children. I have not purchased the coats as they have no effect whatsoever on my children's education.

"I bought coats which were of a similar size, and that are able to fit into their lockers.

"I will be sending my children into school on Friday with the coats I have purchased - I have no intention of buying the school-branded coats.

"My daughter has been humiliated in front of her classmates - she has been asked to explain why she doesn't have a coat.

"This isn't on - it is not my daughter's responsibility to buy a coat."

One parent said: "That's outrageous, it's tantamount to profiteering. The school should be ashamed of itself."

Another said: "There are going to be no winners here. The parents have turned against the school and the school has turned against the parents. Even if the school decided to back down the damage to their reputation has already been done."

Richard Guttridge

By Richard Guttridge
Investigations Editor - @RichG_star

Investigations Editor for the Express & Star.


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