WATCH: Last time Megan Bills was seen alive before allegedly being killed in sick sex game

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Chilling CCTV footage shows the last known movements of Megan Bills' life, before it was allegedly snuffed out in a sick sex game.

CCTV catches Megan and Ryan together, as well as the last image of her alive (bottom right)

The CCTV footage, which has been seen by a jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court, shows the 17-year-old entering and leaving a hostel – where her body was later uncovered in a cling-film wrapped wardrobe.

Ashley Foster, who is on trial accused of murdering Megan, can be seen buying a sandwich and a drink in a corner shop alongside the teenager.

Megan is smiling and laughing alongside 24-year-old Foster at the shop counter, while a still image from inside the Brierley Hill hostel is the last known footage of Megan alive. Foster denies her murder.

CCTV shows Megan Bills' last moments

The release of the CCTV comes after the court heard how he had 'smirked' when he asked his sister to buy cling-film for him.

"He gave me £2 and said to get as much as possible with the money," Foster's half-sister Carley told the jury.

She said she was 'very close' to her brother and continued: "He smirked when I asked what he wanted it for. He said: 'never you mind.' I thought it was to wrap weed (cannabis)."

He made the request on April 26 but did not collect the cling-film from the back of her car until four days later, recalled his sister – who said she had tried to help him after his release from Winson Green prison on April 13.


She agreed he was 'not the brightest' and this fuelled his 'bad decision making.' He left school without any qualifications.

Strangled during violent sex

Foster is alleged to have murdered Megan at the hostel for ex-inmates in Highgate Road, Brierley Hill where he had a room in which he claimed she 'passed out' after asking to be strangled during violent sex on April 16, the day they met.

Mr Crispin Aylett QC, prosecuting, dismissed this version of events as 'nonsense' and maintained that Foster took the life of the teenager either in a violent attack or while trying to satisfy his own sexual needs.


A former girlfriend had refused a request from the defendant to strangle her during their relationship, it was said.

Rosslynne Lewis, a director of New Horizons that runs the hostel, described the discovery of Megan's body which had been hidden in a cling-film wrapped wardrobe in Foster's room on May 4.

They unlocked the door while he was out because the previous day he had dismissed their complaint about the bad smell emanating from the room by insisting the carpet needed changing, the court heard.

They removed the quilt that hung over the wardrobe to find it was covered in several layers of cling-film. After cutting through this and opening the doors that were tied together they realised that there was a body inside.

"I thought it was a dead dog," Miss Lewis told the court. "It was wrapped in a blanket-quilt kind of thing."

They called the police who asked precisely what was inside the cupboard. When staff returned and opened the doors wider a human leg appeared.

Foster was arrested later the same day but Megan was not reported missing until the following day.

She had neither a working mobile phone nor computer and her adoptive mother Mrs Dawn Bills conceded: "It was very difficult for us to get hold of her some time."

Megan had left their home but kept in touch with the family who adopted her at the age of seven. She visited them for the final time on April 11. Her mother continued: "In one of the last conversations we had she said she needed to make a new start.

"Three weeks was a little longer for us to have no contact with her than usual but she had asked for time and space to sort herself out."

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